About This Project

I am a do-it-yourself (DIY) investor with a passion for value investing. While I may not be a professional investor, managing my personal portfolio is a project fueled by my passion and dedication towards investing. I enjoy documenting these efforts on this platform.

This Substack serves as a platform where I track my actual investment portfolio, focusing on identifying exceptional companies and acquiring them at attractive prices. The primary objective is to conduct in-depth analyses of companies for my personal investment endeavors.

Investing in high-quality companies is not just a financial pursuit for me; it's a fulfilling hobby where I enjoy learning about businesses and allocating funds into promising opportunities.

What kind of investments do I seek? I target high-quality companies capable of sustaining robust returns on capital over extended periods. Moreover, I aim to purchase these companies at prices that offer compelling value.

Rather than frequently trading, I adopt a patient strategy, waiting for prime opportunities when top-tier companies become available at attractive valuations. Although many of the companies I analyze are not at attractive prices (yet), I prefer to evaluate them before they’re available at decent prices.

Every week, I meticulously evaluate a company, assessing its investment potential against my predefined criteria, outlined in this post.

These company write ups are published once per week behind a paywall. Subscribers also receive timely updates on adjustments made to my portfolio.

I commit to regularly sharing my findings by profiling companies and providing updates on my personal portfolio. When these stocks meet my stringent criteria for compelling value, I take action and incorporate them into my investment portfolio.

Furthermore, I write articles covering a wide spectrum of financial topics, all freely accessible.

I also host a podcast directly accessible on this platform. Subscribers enjoy exclusive early access to episodes for a duration of two weeks before they become available to the general public.

The primary objectives of the podcast are to educate and entertain. I derive valuable insights from conversations with investors employing diverse strategies, aiming to continually enhance my own approach.

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I’m a do-it-yourself value investor who researches companies and invests in my spare time. My substack is an outlet for me to publish my research on individual companies. I also have a podcast where I answer Q&A and interview investors.