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Nick Maggiulli: Just Keep Buying

Nick Maggiulli: Just Keep Buying

My conversation with Nick Maggiulli.

Nick is the COO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. His blog tears about many common misconceptions about the finance with data.

Nick is a proponent of a broad based indexing approach and actually advises against what my blog is all about - stock picking.

I like Nick’s work because it challenges a lot of sacred cow ideas in the financial community. He has challenged ideas like the utility of the CAPE ratio in market timing and the idea that most stock returns have come from declining interest rates in the last forty years.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and thank you for subscribing!

Show notes:

  1. Nick’s book, Just Keep Buying about the wisdom of regularly purchasing income-producing assets to build wealth.

  2. Nick’s blog, OfDollarsandData.

  3. Nick’s post on the utility of the CAPE ratio.

  4. Nick’s post deconstructing the argument that stock market returns have entirely been driven by declines in interest rates for the last 40 years.

  5. The Intelligent Asset Allocator by William Bernstein. Bernstein was a major influence on Nick’s approach.


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